How to Dissolve Epoxy Glue

Epoxy glue is a permanent adhesive used for several purposes and on many types of surfaces ranging from plastic to metal. However, if you spill it on the wrong spot, then it can cause problem. Removing the epoxy glue may seem impossible but there are ways of dissolving it.

The glue is in liquid state and when it touches the place where it is placed, it hardens up. When the glue is cooled, it solidifies.

You can remove the unwanted epoxy glue by converting it back to its liquid or gel state. After you convert its state, it can easily be scraped out.

Things required:

–        Paint stripper

–        Cleaning rags

–        Cleaning solution

–        Plastic scraper

–        Gloves


  • 1

    Wear gloves

    First of all you need to take protective measure in order to dissolve the epoxy glue. You will be handling chemicals which are dangerous to your skin. Use gloves to handle these components.

  • 2

    Cleaning the area

    After taking precautions and wearing gloves, you need to clear the area where you want to dissolve the epoxy glue. Clean out the portion by removing as much of dirt you can on and around the epoxy covered area.

  • 3

    Saturation of a Cleaning Rag

    Next use a paint stripper to saturate the cleaning rag. In order to make sure that stripper is covering the whole epoxy covered area, use excess of these.

  • 4

    Use the Saturated Rag

    After saturating the cleaning rag with paint stripper, use it to cover the epoxy glue area. Leave it for almost a minute until the glue starts to liquefy. In case the epoxy fails to change its state, then hold a new saturated rag for 60 seconds again. When the saturated rag starts to dry, add more paint stripper.

  • 5

    Scraping the Epoxy

    Use a scrapper to remove the epoxy residue. When the epoxy gets stickier, remove it with the help of scrapper. The saturated rag can also be used to scrape epoxy.

  • 6

    Cleaning the surface

    After removing the epoxy glue, tidy the surface with a cleaning solution. A clean rag should be used to clear the surface completely.

    Wash the area many times in order to remove all the chemicals especially paint stripper.

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