How to Install a TV Antenna

Despite the popularity of cable TV, a lot of people still watch and enjoy broadcast television. The best thing is you do not have to pay any monthly fee and the only cost is the setup cost of the TV antenna. If you wish to install TV antenna at your place, you just have to buy the antenna and get the right tools. We save up the cost of hiring a handyman to install the antenna in the step by step guide below. The details guide you in every possible way to install antenna and get maximum signals and coverage.

Things required:

– Ladder
– Outdoor antenna
– Mounting kit
– Tools


  • 1

    Get Antenna Set:

    Buy an antenna from a hardware shop. The antenna should be accompanied by a mounting kit that will help you install it. You should also get the cable to connect your antenna and your TV. Take measurements for the length of your cable by determining the distance between the chosen location and the TV place. It is advisable to get extra length.

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    Choose Location:

    It is one of the critical points to consider during the whole process. Select a place where you will get maximum signals and uninterrupted service. It is usually observed that outdoor placed TV antennas receive a stronger signal than indoor ones. So the best place to select is the roof of the house. You might need a ladder to get here. So be careful while climbing. Also save yourself the extra trips by trying to carry everything up to the roof in a single trip.

    If you are placing the antenna indoors, choose  location near the window. In all cases, try to place it as high as possible.

  • 3

    Set the Antenna:

    With everything near you, set down the mounting kit that came with the antennae. Attach the antenna to it using the given screws and following the instruction explicitly given in the instruction manual.

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    Lay Cable:

    A cable has to connect the antenna to the TV set. The cable usually comes with the kit and can also be bought separately. Run this cable by making necessary attachments to the antenna and then route it to the TV set. Use tape to hold the cable in place. You have to run the cable in a a discrete way. Try to run it along the siding so that it is not very obvious to the eye. You can also route it under baseboards to hide it.

  • 5

    Position Antenna:

    Turn on your TV and run a channel check. Keep adjusting your antenna to find the point where you get the optimum signals. Experiment by pointing the antenna in different directions until you find this point. When you do, secure the antenna bolts so that it remains in the selected direction.

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