How to Sandblast the Stucco of a House

Stucco is a paste created by the mixture of a binding agent, aggregate and plain water. It has been in use as a binder in the construction of buildings for ages. Stucco has many variations and forms; and it sometimes used as a decorating material to give a stylish look to the walls.

Sandblasting is a technique to strip dirt, paint or any other material from a layer of stucco by blasting sand at the surface of the wall with high pressure. It can restore the stucco surface to its original condition without any harm done to stucco or the wall.


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    Decide on the material needed for the job. The most common choice these days for sand blasting is silica sand. It is available at a reasonable price and is widely available. Alternates to silica or common sand are glass bead and some aluminium oxides, but all these alternates are quite expensive.

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    Arrange large sheets of plastic packing. Clear out all the contents of the room where you want to start sand blasting. If some objects are not feasible to move, pack them up with plastic sheets and solution tape. This process will create a lot of dust in the environment so it is recommended to keep sensitive electronic gadgets and other machinery at a fair distance.

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    Visit a departmental store and buy protective goggles alongwith safety gloves. Also buy a painter suit or a full protective covering for your body. Wear your least favourite clothes and add about 2 kilograms of sand in the sand blaster. Start the compressor, and make sure the spray line is open or it may harm the sand blaster.

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    Give sandblaster some time to build ample amount of pressure. When the needle touches the 100 PSI mark, its go time. Keep about 12 to 16 inches distance from the wall and start sandblasting the wall. The layer which you are trying to remove will not diminish immediately, be patient and keep on repeating in small semi circles. Gradually increase the pressure by turning the pressure knob if silica is not making any impact. Give the compressor a 2-3 minute breaks after every 10 minutes. Keep on blasting till you get the desired results.

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