How to Install Cork on a Wall

Cork walls have it all. They are stylish, durable and bring with them a certain warmth to the entire place. You can install them anywhere around the house and in the office to give a modern and comfortable look. Cork is available in two forms. The roll form is a huge sheet of thin cork that you cut according to your wall measurement and install with studs. The other and most used form is the cork tiles. These are installed with the help of an adhesive and can be used to make different patterns. They are thicker than the roll form. Our guide has information on how to install cork tiles on your walls.

Things required:

– Contact glue (if required)
– Clean paint roller
– Measuring tape
– Pencil
– Cork tiles
– Carpet cutter


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    Cork can be installed unto plywood, concrete and drywall. However, take off any wallpaper before installing the cork

    Place the cork in the room where you want to install them. This way they will acclimatize to it, preventing any future contraction or expansion.

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    Center point:

    Treat your wall as a floor. Find its center point. Draw a straight pencil line from the center of one wall to the apposite one. Do the same for the other set of walls. The center point is where these two lines will intersect at a 90 degree angle. This point will serve as your reference to install tiles. The first four tiles will be placed in the four segments created by these lines. Position the first four tiles in each of the four quadrants in a way that they line the focal point. Draw lines to the corners from this center point.

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    Install tiles:

    Some cork tiles comes with a pre-pasted adhesive layer. For others you have to get an adhesive glue. Apply this glue over the area you want to cork.  Some adhesives come in tube form so you do not need any brush. At times you have to wait before installation to allow the adhesive to set so it is best to refer to manufacturer's instructions.

    Follow the lines you drew to install the cork tiles. If you need to cut tiles to fit corners and edges, use a carpet cutter.

    Once you have installed all the tiles, use the paint roller over the tiles to level them and get out air bubbles.

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    Cork roll:

    If you want to install cork roll cut the roll according to your room measurement. Fit the cork roll piece to the backing panel it came with and install on the wall using studs.

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