How to Protect Copper from Tarnish

Copper is an important metal which is used for several purposes including making jewellery, coins, wires and statues. As copper is corrosion resistant and durable, it is also used for architectural material.

However, your common copper jewellery or other household materials can tarnish over time. When this happens, your copper seems dull and lifeless.

Tarnish is the result of corrosion process like rusting but it can be protected and removed.


– Copper piece

– Renaissance Wax or any wax suitable on your automobile

– Plastic bag

– Silica-gel desiccant packet


  • 1

    Polish your copper

    First of all you need to polish your copper object. After polishing, protect it by wax. You can use Renaissance Wax or any wax which can be applied on your vehicle.

    Use a clean and soft cotton rag and dip into the wax container to get a small amount of wax. Then rub the rag on the surface of your copper object. Remember to use a small amount of wax as they can go long way.

  • 2

    Clean and Polish

    After polishing and applying wax to your copper, clean and polish again.

  • 3

    Protect copper finish with wax

    In order to safeguard your copper finish, apply wax on it again. Use any wax suitable on vehicles or Renaissance Wax.

  • 4

    Place copper in a plastic bag

    After protecting your copper finish with wax, place your copper object in a plastic bag and then seal it.

  • 5

    Put silica-gel desiccant packet in the plastic bag

    Next you need to place a silica-gel plastic packet in the plastic bag containing the copper item.

    You don’t need to buy silica-gel desiccant packet as they are easily available inside purchased items. You can re-use it in order to recycle.

    Silica gel is a porous form of silicon dioxide made synthetically from sodium silicate. It is in form of hard beads in the packet and is used as a desiccant to protect some goods. It avoids degradation of object and also prevents spoilage. Due to its poisonous dopants it has a warning label for user to not eat.

  • 6

    Seal the plastic bag

    After putting the silica-gel desiccant packet inside your plastic bag, take air out. You can vent the air out form your plastic bag by simply pressing it. Seal the plastic bag.

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