How to Build a Cedar Lattice Compost Bin

Any one with interest in gardening or with the knowledge of growing plants will know the importance of fertilizers. Compost is a natural fertilizer with a lot of benefits that supersede commercial fertilizers. Compost can be built in many ways. It can built right on the ground, in a unused bin or in a cedar lattice bin created just for this purpose. Cedar lattice is a favored structure because not only does it make a strong bin but is also open enough to let air in the compost and aerate it. Build a cedar lattice bin and start composting so that your lawn and vegetables get a terrific boost.

Things you will need:

4 by 8 feet panel cedar lattice

– 6 by 32 inches wood posts (4 pieces)

– Nails

– Saw

– Shovel


  • 1

    Take the 4 by 8 lattice sheet and cut it into three equal parts along the 8 feet length. Thus the 8 feet length will be reduced into three equal parts of 32 inches by 48 inches.

  • 2

    Take one of these 32 by 48 lattice pieces and saw it into to equal halves. So now the 48 inches is reduced to 24 inches and the other side remains 32 inches. 24 inches is your width while 32 is the height of the compost bin.

  • 3

    Now dig up the earth for the four corners of the compost. You will have to dig deep for a secure bin. Take four 6 by 32 inches long wood posts, cut specifically for this purpose and place them in these holes. Cover up with the soil and use shovel to secure them.

  • 4

    Mark the places where you will secure the lattice sides to these posts. Place the two larger pieces in parallel and the two smaller ones in parallel. It will make a rectangular bin. you can also make a square one by cutting four equal lattice parts in the beginning.

    Drill holes first in the lattice at desires places to prevent tearing up. Attach the lattice pieces to these posts using screws. Leave the lattice top open for ventilation and aeration. Check that the structure is secure with a force from your hands. Secure the screws and the earth around it for building strong structure.

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