How to Score a Touch in Epee Fencing

Scoring a touch or a point in epee fencing seems pretty easy, when you are a spectator and watching the game on your television set. However, it takes months of practice and hard work to become a professional fencer. No one can simply hold the blade and win a medal in the Olympic Games.

Other than being physically fit, one needs mental strength to cope with the pressure of an epee fencing match. Moreover, one requires being aware of different factors involved in scoring a touch. Without proper knowledge of the game, you cannot fight a professional epee fencing opponent.


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    Know the rules

    Firstly, you need to know the exact rules of the fencing match. Modern styles of the game include foil, sabre and epee fencing matches. All three have different rules and regulations, but the latter of the three offers more chances of scoring points.

    In foil and sabre, the participants can only sore touches by hitting certain parts of the body. However, epee allows you to win points by hitting any part of the body with the blade.

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    No priority in epee

    Unlike the other forms of fencing, epee does not restrict any participant from attacking at any point in the match. There is no priority fencer, who is allowed to make the attack first and the other person has to defend. Therefore, one needs to think of scoring as many points as possible during an epee fencing contest. Sometimes both opponents make the double touch, which means they have hit each other simultaneously. In such a situation, both are awarded on point each.

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    Attack the arms

    Since your closest target will be the arms of your opponent, always look to win points by hitting them. You will have to keep a safe distance at first, but make your move as soon as you find an opening. If the timing of your attack is not right, you will face a counter move and result in losing one touch.

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    Go for the foot hit

    Although it sounds cheap, hitting the foot hit is fully legal in the epee fencing, so you should consider it as an option for winning a touch. Deceive your opponent by kneeling down and touching your blade with his foot. You will once again have to be extremely careful while performing this, as the other person will take advantage in case you miss the target.

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