How to Install Vertical Blinds

Looking for curtain and blind options? Vertical blinds are stylish and convenient options to cover large windows and glass doors. Blinds come in a great array of colors and prints that reinforce your theme and can be used decoratively.  Vertical blinds are easy to install and take just a couple of hours work to change everything about your window. Doing it yourself also saves you the money which you can now spend on other things. All you need are the right tools to work with, vertical blinds and great instructions. Arrange for the first two and we will provide the third one in our step by step guide.

Things required:

– Tape measure
– Blind set
– Pencil
– Screwdriver or drill with screw attachment
– Level


  • 1

    Inside or outside mount:

    Blinds can be both inside mounted and outside mounted. In inside mount, the blinds are usually installed inside the window frame. However, it requires at least 2 1/2 inches of depth in the window frame so that blinds can easily rotated. That is why most homeowners prefer outside mount where the blinds are installed outside the frame. Take measurement of the window frame depth to decide this.

  • 2

    Install brackets:

    Hold up your head rail to the top of the window frame, using a level to ensure that it is totally even. Mark the points where it ends on both sides of the frame. Drill pilot holes on these marks using a drill bit. Now install the brackets into these holes using the given screws. Usually, two brackets are needed, one at each end. However, you can add a third center one if your blinds need it.

  • 3

    Install head rail:

    Attach the end caps at both ends of the head rail. Once the brackets are installed, Clip in the head rail into these. It will instantly click into its place if you first insert the front edge in the brackets and push backward.

  • 4

    Attach valance:

    Valance is used to hide the metal head rail. Attach the clips that come with the valance to the head rail. These clips will then support the valence and hide the rail. Evenly space these clips across the length of the rail.

  • 5

    Install vanes and wand:

    Slide in the vanes into the head rail. Clip them secure.

    The wand is attached to the last clip on the end of the head rail. Install the wand into the level. The wand is your tool for opening and closing the blind slats.

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