How to Use Dryer Sheets Around the Home

Dryer sheets, also known as fabric softener sheets have an important job in our laundry. They  make clothes softer to wear and give them a fresh wash feeling and scent. Dryer sheets also reduce the static cling that some clothes possess. You will be surprised to know that they have a great number of use even outside the laundry. Yes! Your dryer sheets can be used for several other purposes even after they have worn out in the laundry. So do not throw them out and get the best advantage out of them.


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    Dryer sheets make great dusting clothes. You can cut them into pieces and use them to dust surfaces and mop the floor. It picks up dust, hair and other dirt very effectively. Wipe furniture and other surfaces to pick up the hair of your pet as the sheets are very good at this job. The sheets can also be placed inside a vacuum bag. While you vacuum, the scent of the sheets will fill the area. You can also clean glass surfaces like windows with clean sheets. Same goes for television screens and other electronic surfaces. A moist dryer sheets is very good in removing the soap scum deposit on tubs and tiles in the washroom. Just rub it slowly and get your bathroom sparkling.

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    If your shoes, drawers and closets have an odor you want to get rid of, stuff some dryer sheets inside and leave them overnight. It will absorb the bad odor and give a refreshing scent. You can also place some in your wardrobe from making the clothes smell fresh. Keep a fresh clean dryer sheet on the towel holder in your bathroom. The presence of the sheet there is going to give the whole place a sweet smell. You can also place a piece of the sheet under your mattress and pillow for a scented night. Place a sheet in your book case and in photo albums. The sheet helps in preventing the musty odor that develops in old paper.

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    If you get irritated by bees, mosquitoes, ants and rats, dryer sheets can be a great solution. Put a sheet piece in your pocket and it will repel all such insects and rodents with its smell. Traditionally, the sheets were used for this purpose  by postmen who had to travel a lot.

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