How to Organize a Small Closet

Closets are one of the most important things in organisation of a room. A small closet is necessary to be present in a room as it has to carry all the things that the person who is living in the room contains. The person who lives in the room keeps up all his clothes and several other necessities in that closet and arranging a closet is very important as it gives a great feeling to see your things nicely stacked in the closet rather than lying everywhere in the room.


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    The first and foremost step in organising a small closet is to analyse that how much portions it has. Based on the number of portions of the closet one can decide that how he has to manage them accordingly. Let’s say that a general small closet has four separate portions in it, and then we should make sure that we assign one of each of the portions to the basic things that are to be fitted in the closet. The four basic things that can be sorted out for the matter are clothes, shoes, small electronics and general accessories.

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    Next we will have to allot the type of portion to the things. We should look to apply the biggest portion of the closet for the sake of keeping clothes. Clothes must be stacked together and must also be folded gently, rather than just be placed in the portion of the closer, twisted and rounded. Make sure that the pants and the shirts and the night dresses are placed in their perfect stacks so that it gets managed better.

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    Now you have to come to the section of the shoes. The shoes section must first have a rough cloth or newspaper beneath the placement of the items. This is done because shoes are always carrying dirt with them and this dirt will make the closet look bad. Now just place the shoes in pairs in their allotted compartment. If you are a much organised person, make separate categories of shoes such as sports shoes, fashion shoes and the general wear shoes.

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    Now come to the compartment of the electronics section. This will contain our phone chargers and your laptop and this section of the closet must be just above the shoes section.

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    Finally, now you have to deal with the general accessories that you have. These contain the soap, the shampoos and the shaving kit. These must also be properly placed so that the cupboard remains arranged and organised.

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