How to Rearrange a Room

After a certain period of time, you get tired after looking at the same settings all the time. Sometimes your furniture may be blocking your outside view or hindering the sunlight coming in. Thus during your summer vacations, Christmas or New Year holidays, you might want to rearrange your room. Redecorating involves shifting your furniture or even add new furniture to your room in order to give a new look. It involves moving your bed, book shelves and shoe racks etc.

Things Required:

– Plastic bin
– Cleaning tools
– Paper and pencil
– Music


  • 1

    Layout of the new look

    First of all you need to draw a layout of the new look you want for your room. Get a paper and a pencil and make a rough drawing of how you want to see your room. In case you do not like then rub and draw again until you are satisfied. Take measurements but don’t waste much time on this.

  • 2

    Remove small stuff

    You should first move out all the small stuff from your room such as shoes, pens, frames, plants etc placed on the racks or dressing tables. You can place them in a box and move them in order to save time. This will also prevent these things from falling over the drawers etc.

  • 3

    Get cleaning tools

    You need to gather the cleaning tools which you want to use. You need to clean your room properly before rearranging the furniture. You can use brush or vacuum for your floor. A piece of cloth can be used to clean the mirror of your dressing table and other stuff.

  • 4

    Move the furniture

    After cleaning the room move the furniture. You should start with the biggest thing in your room i.e. bed. Place it near or on the location where you want to see. If there is hindrance in the way then move that object slightly away. After placing the biggest thing, move the object which you have removed from its way. Place it to the spot where you want it to be placed. Next move other furniture and continue shifting it to the place where you want to see.

  • 5

    Finishing touch

    In the end you should move back all the small things you have taken out. Place them to their proper spot.

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