How to Install a Cozy Fireplace

Winters in some places are extreme. The temperatures fall below the freezing point and we all get our warmest cloths out to make sure that we maintain as much body heat as possible. In today’s world, we have central heating and cooling system available which help us maintain temperature indoors.

However, when these were not common place, fire places were a great source of heating ones house. Many people still like to have these in their homes to have a bit of tradition. Some places where heat and electricity are not available or are scarce, a fire place can often prove to be a blessing in cold winters.

Installing a fire is an interesting exercise and can be done with little skills. All you need to know are the steps on how to do it and have the right tools. It’s not difficult and can be done at home.


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    Check Guidelines

    Check your local guidelines related fire and safety and see if you need any extra measures before you install the fireplace. These guidelines can be crucial in the whole process and should be followed completely.

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    Find a Spot

    Find a place to install the fireplace. Be careful in your choice as you will need to have it in a location where maximum heat can be utilised from and also have to make sure that the roof above does not have any supporting columns in it as a hole in the roof will later have to be made. Also make sure that the position of the fire place does not hinder your everyday movements.

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    Gas/Electricity Connection

    Make sure that you have the gas or electricity connection available at your desired spot in case the fireplace is gas or electricity based. If you are planning on using a traditional fireplace that uses wooden logs, this should not be an issue.

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    Hole in the Roof

    Make a hole in the roof for the exhaust mechanism. Make sure that the hole is cut as per the size of the exhaust pipe. Keep some sealants available for later on.

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    Install Exhaust Mechanism

    After making the hole, install the exhaust pipe and take it out of the roof. Put on the chimney head on the outside.  If there is any space left around the pipe on the roof, seal with the sealants you have at hand.

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    Connect Fireplace to Exhaust Mechanism

    Make sure that the fireplace and the exhaust mechanism fit well as any smoke escaping will be an issue and can lead to suffocation over a longer period of time.

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