How to Install a Door Viewer

There are different types of door viewer, in different materials and different methods to fix them. Door viewer plays a vital role in daily life. It protects you from unusual happenings. What if you are alone at home and you have someone on your door. What if you are not sure who is standing outside? You surely get scared. No worries if you don’t have any door viewer fixed in your door, you can install it by yourself. It will take few of your dollars and one hour from the whole day.

Things Required

– Tape measure
– Door viewer kit
–  Pencil
– Step stool or stepladder
– 3/16-inch drill bit
– Power drill
– Medium grit sandpaper
– Silicone sealer
– Flat screwdriver or coin


  • 1

    Let us start installing door viewer. First mark that area of door where you want to install the viewer.  For perfect eye level, center of the door is ideal place to fix the door viewer.

  • 2

    Now you need a drill machine to make a hole. Make sure that you use suitable drill bit before drilling, for that you must read guidelines provided on the machine pack.

    Done with the instructions? Now drill a hole as per marked location and of perfect size drill bit.

  • 3

    Now hold the drill machine at right angle to the door and then begin drilling by using slow speed and little pressure.

    Note: To avoid the breakage to the external part of the door, stop and ensure your movement. By doing so you will recognize when the direct tip first emerges.

  • 4

    When you feel that now tip of the drill bit initially can emerge stop drilling and fix the hole by boring from the opposite side. To keep the door fixed opened take help of a wedge.

  • 5

    For smoother finishing, sand the edges of newly formed hole.

  • 6

    Now open your kit and unscrew the door viewer into two parts. From the outside insert lens through the door.

  • 7

    From inside of the door, insert the barrel and until you hold the lens, screw the barrel properly till gets tight.

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