How to Upholster a Wall

One of the best ways to add to the decor of a room is to upholster the walls. Apart from making the room look very beautiful, upholstered walls muffle out unwanted sounds and noise. You can easily upholster any room in your house fairly easily following a simple technique.

Things Required:

– Polyfill or batting
– Fabric
– Staple gun with staples
– Upholstery tacks or fabric covered buttons
– Scissors
– Hot glue gun
– Fabric cords, upholstered buttons or designer ropes
– Tape measure


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    Determine the dimensions of the wall you plan to upholster using a tape measure. To determine the area of fabric you will need, find the wall’s height, length and width.

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    There are thousands of fabric types available in the market. Be sure that the one you choose is specially manufactured for upholstering walls and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Instead of specialised upholstery fabric, choose a piece of fabric that is neither too thin, nor very light. If this is the first time you will be upholstering a wall, it will be wise not to use patterned fabric because you will find it difficult to match it and make it look seamless. However, if you want to use patterned fabric, use one with simple designs.

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    Purchase the same amount of polyfill or batting as the fabric and fix it on the wall using a staple gun. This will prove helpful at muffling out noise.

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    When you are done stapling the polyfill or batting onto the wall, you will need to install the fabric in to place. This can be accomplished in more than one way. For instance, divide the fabric into 36-inch wide panels by cutting with a pair of scissors. You can staple each panel individually onto the wall for a clean finish. For a pinch-pleated look, cut the fabric into 36-inch wide panels as before, fold each until it is 3-5 inches in width and staple onto the wall as you fold. Either way, make sure you overlap a small section of the fabric if connecting two or more panels is necessary.

  • 5

    Attach fabric cut-outs onto power outlets, light switches or sconces.

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    Finish the task by adding designer roping and fix them in place with a hot glue gun. Alternatively, you can use fabric cords or upholstered buttons to embellish the walls.

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