How to Build a Portable or Stationary Compost Bin

If you have a large garden then making compost is a very important part of providing your plants with the proper nutrients needed to grow healthy. If you want to make compost then building a portable or stationary compost bin is easy to do and it will save time and money in the long run. You should first decide on the amount of compost that you want to make to help you determine if you want a portable or stationary compost bin. Building a compost bin can be easy if you keep some simple guidelines in your mind.


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    Determine type

    Determine the type of compost bin that you want to build. A portable compost bin is useful as you can move it around but the size is relatively smaller in size as compared to a stationary compost bin.

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    Determine location

    Find a nice place in your garden which is always in the shade as this will be the best location to build your stationary bin.

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    Determine materials

    Decide on the materials that you want to build your compost bin from. You can use plastic, wood or wire to build your compost bin. Remember in order keep costs down, try to use materials that are easy to find and low priced.

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    Have the proper tools

    Make sure that you have the proper tools to build your compost bin. Tools like a hammer, saw, nails and screws will be needed.

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    Once you have determined the materials to use you can now start building your compost bin. If making from plastic then use a medium sized plastic container or bucket that has a lid. Be sure to put a few holes on the top. Fill your plastic bin with leaves and let it sit for a few days. If you want to build with wire then you can use wooden stakes and make a rectangle on the ground. Be sure to attach the wire to the stakes and basically make a wire rectangle that you can now fill with leaves to make compost. When building a stationary compost pile you will need some wood and you will have to construct a large sized box. Use nails and a hammer to put together a basic wooden box design. Be sure to cut the lumber with a saw and make equal size boards to put a frame together. Once the frame is made then you can use thin plywood to cover it and make a box shape.

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