How to Build an Herb Drying Rack

Those who prefer to dry the herbs on their own cannot live without an herb drying rack. Drying the herbs at home is a great idea, as it helps you save plenty of money. The store bought jars of dried herbs are extremely expensive these days. Things are not simple though. One needs a handsome amount of money to buy a herb drying rack.

So, the only solution is to make a drying rack at home. Not only a lot of fortune, but also plenty of time can be saved with a homemade drying rack. With the rack and herbs at home, you don’t need to have a last minute trip to the grocery store.

Things required:

– Wooden picture frame, 11 inches by 8 inches
– Screen
– Marker
– Scissors
– Measuring tape
– Staple gun
– Wood glue
– 4 wooden blocks, 1-inch square


  • 1

    First of all, split the wooden picture frame into three parts. In herb drying rack preparations, you need the frame and cardboard backing separately. So, gently remove the glass and the backing from the frame.

    It is the time to mark around the cardboard backing after placing it on top of the screen. This step is essential to ensure the screen properly fitting the frame. Now, you are required to use the scissor. Cut the screen along the marked line, making sure that the size is 11 inches by 08 inches.

  • 2

    The second step is attaching the piece of the screen on one side of the picture frame. Staple the screen on each side after properly centring it on top of the frame. Do not forget to staple near the corners in order to prevent the screen from curling up.

  • 3

    The time has come to use the glue. A small wooden block should be attached on each corner. This should be only on one side of the frame. It has been done to make legs for the rack. The legs are extremely important to let the air pass through the herbs. It will help you make the herbs dry very quickly.

  • 4

    In case you are making more than one rack, the legs of each rack should rest on top of another one. The final move is to give the rack some time, so the glue dries up.

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