How to Install Acoustic Wall Panels

Interior decor is one of the most important aspects of a house or building and can leave a lasting effect to those who visit. If the decorations are done artfully, it leaves a great impression. Often walls are not given as much of an in depth look while we decorate our indoors.

A decent paint job is often thought to be enough to cater the walls. There are, however, other options that can be exercised in this regard. Walls can be decorated with wall panels that make them look great. There are also other aspects that can be covered with the help of these panels other than giving a great look.

Acoustic wall panels not only look good but also are used for the purpose of controlling sound indoors. Places such as hospitals and restaurants have to make sure that the sound level is controlled. If you are in a business where sound control is important, you will certainly look for acoustic wall panels for your walls.

The process of putting them on is a simple one and requires some basic workings. Once you get them right, the rest should fall in place itself.


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    Make a Plan

    Like any other decorative job, you first need to make a plan and understand the settings in which the panels are to be installed. Make a rough design of the room that you want to install the panels in. Calculate that how many panels and in which size you will need. Ideally place panels at a distance of 12 inches from each other.

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    Determine the Location

    The next thing to do is to determine where exactly the panels will be put up. Make markings on the wall and put up the impaling clips with the help of construction adhesives. Ideally install at least four clips per panel so that they provide good support to the panels and hold them in pace firmly.

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    Install the Panels

    Prior to installing the panels, apply the same construction adhesive to the back of the panels. Place them at the wall and press firmly against it. Gently push to make sure that the clips already put on the wall penetrate in the boards.

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