How to Add Bronze Weatherstripping to a Door

Bronze weatherstripping or spring weatherstripping are the best way to stop heating or cooling loss. They are metal strips usually attached to doors and are also low in cost and easy to use.

The bronze spring weatherstripping compresses against the door in order to create the seal which prevent heat or cold loss.


– Tape measure
– Small hammer
– Metal snips or heavy
-duty scissors
– Bronze weatherstripping


  • 1

    Open the door to expose

    First of all you need to open the door so you can have full access to the side where door is attached to wall. This step is to make sure that all portion of the door jamb are open.

  • 2

    Calculate the length

    Next you need to calculate the width and length of the opening sides of the door.

  • 3

    Cut the bronze weatherstripping

    After measuring the length, you need to cut the spring weatherstripping according to the calculated length. You can do this with the help from metal snips or heavy-duty scissors.

  • 4

    Place the bronze weatherstripping piece against the jamb

    Next you need to attach the cut bronze weatherstripping piece near the doorstop. Remember it should be placed against the door jamb. After this, join them by applying brad nails which came along with the bronze weatherstripping.

    Note that you need to tightly fit the weatherstripping by hammering nails around nine inches apart.

  • 5

    Repeat the process

    After adding bronze weatherstripping for the top, attach weather stripping on both sides of jamb in similar manner. You need to place the spring weatherstripping and insert nails in same way.

  • 6

    Complete the seal

    In order to finish applying the bronze spring weatherstripping, you have to mould it towards the door stop. You have to bend the seal from outside in order to complete the seal. Remember to do it from the center crease.

    In the end you need to check that you door smoothly opens or closes after you have added the bronze weatherstripping.

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