How to Replace a Door Lockset

A loose door lock can be a great threat to you! It may cause great loss and trouble and at times you may loose your valuables that have been locked at the back of an easy to break door lock. It is one of those home maintenance projects that need to be done as early as possible. Replacing a door lock on your own won’t cause you any inconvenience if you have our guide to follow. Just get a suitable door lock set of a famous brand and replace it today without waiting any more. Here’s how you can do it:

Things Needed:

– New Door Lock Set
– Screw Driver
– Screws
– Tape measure
– Pencil
– Notepad


  • 1

    Taking measurements to select appropriate door lock set:

    Firstly make sure that you have got a suitable door lock set for your door. In order to get the right one, take a measuring tape and fix it above the door handle with the holding edge on the door's edge and measure till the middle of the door handle. Read the measurements and note them down in your note pad and select the new door lock set according to these measurements.

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    Pulling out the exterior:

    After getting the new door lock set, remove the old lock set by holding a screw driver in your hand and pulling out the exterior of the old lock set.

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    Removing the old lock set assembly:

    Now take out the door knob and deadbolt cover with the help of a screw driver. After this you may find the door latch barrel and the deadbolt assembly popping out, so take them out too.

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    Installing the new lock set:

    Next, install the new lock set. So first position the strike plate on the door, screw in the screws on all sides of it with the help of a screw driver. Insert the deadbolt in the upper slot and secure it with screws. Cover it with the strike plate and attach it with screws.

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    Installing the door knobs:

    Finally install the door handles by carefully holding the two sides of the handle with your hands in order to bring the holes into line. Don't forget to position the locking side of the door handle on the outer side of the door. Next fix and screw in the plate and locate the screw barrels exactly in the screw slots in the deadbolt assembly and screw it in. Also cover it with the deadbolt plate.

    The door lock set has now been replaced successfully, Don't forget to check the new door lock set if its working fine.

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