How to Replace Folding Table Hardware

Folding tables are a great type of furniture that you can have in your home. They serve as a great multi-functional device and can be used to do many tasks. The best feature of these tables is that they can be folded and moved anywhere else with ease. Moving huge non-folding tables can be quite a challenging task and normally requires more than one person to do it. On the other hand, folding tables are lightweight and compact, thereby making it easy for a person to move it from one place to another in the household. You can even take out your folding table in your garden or lawn if you are looking to enjoy the outdoors and can have it back in with very little effort.

However, the flipside of these tables is that with their usage and passage of time, their hardware and mechanism can get worn out. The screws, hinges, braces and even legs can start shaking or squeaking and cause disturbances while you use the table. They also become a bit unsecure as they the table can fall flat on the ground if it has worn out.

The best way to keep using these tables is to replace their hardware after it is worn out.


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    Find the right hardware

    It is very important to find exactly the right type of replacement hardware for your table. You can ideally look for the manufacturer’s retail store if you own a branded one, or alternatively, can visit some of the hardware stores in your area which have a variety of folding table hardware in stock. You must make sure that you find the exact type and kind of hardware used in your table. Finding something a little too big or small will not fit well into your table.

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    Remove the existing hardware

    Once you find the right hardware for your device, remove the existing components on your folding table. The legs, screws, hinges and braces can be removed easily using normal household screwdrivers. After you do that, make sure to clean the areas which may be dusty or rusty. This will make sure your folding table is ready to accept new hardware easily.

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    Fit the new hardware

    After you clean your folding table up from everywhere, fit in the new parts. Make sure to position the parts correctly with your table and then put everything back in. The screws, braces, hinges and legs will automatically fit if you have installed them properly. That’s it. You have successfully replaced the hardware of your folding table.

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