How to Use Vaporizer Pipe

Those of you who are smokers will know what a vaporizer pipe is. A typical vaporizer pipe is designed to convert a mixture of herbs and tobacco into vapor rather than smoke. It usually consists of a pipe and a filter inside the vaporizer to keep the herbs and tobacco from burning. The purpose of the filter inside the pipe is to prevent the release of harmful smoke that can damage your lungs. Therefore, negative side effects of smoking can be reduced significantly by those who use a vaporizer pipe.


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    Using the vaporizer pipe is also very easy. Consider filling the pipe’s bowl with crushed tobacco. Make sure you do not pack the tobacco and let it sit loosely in the space provided.

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    Now put the pipe into your mouth and use a flame lighter to heat up the tobacco in the bowl. The flame of the lighter should not be more than one inch to avoid overheating. You will also be required to hold the lighter at a 45 degree angle to ensure a steady heat supply. Avoid placing the entire flame into the bowl as it can burn the tobacco. You should keep the lighter at a distance so that only the yellow part of the flame heats the tobacco placed inside the bowl.

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    To heat the tobacco consistently, inhale continuously for eight to ten seconds. You should also adjust your rate of inhalation to avoid burning the flavour. If you taste burnt flavour or smoke, increase inhalation rate or reduce the flame length accordingly. Apply more flame to the tobacco or slow your rate of inhalation if you do not taste anything on inhalation.

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    Always wash the pipe and the bowl to get rid of the burnt flavour before reusing the vaporizer pipe. If the tobacco has turned black, you should be prepared to discard it as soon as possible. Keep your vaporizer pipe clean at all times to stay away from bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. For more information on how to use the vaporizer pipe, contact the vendor.

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