How to Clean Synthetic Stucco

Synthetic stucco is just another type of stucco, which is used as an exterior home finish made with foam insulation and synthetic materials. It’s used to give the impression resembling that of traditional sand and cement stucco.

Like every other part of the house, the synthetic stucco surface needs to be cleaned from time to time. When the coating of synthetic stucco appears to be dirty, stained or unclean then you know its about time to do something about it, as it needs to be cleansed. However, unlike normal stucco, the synthetic stucco requires a different approach when it comes upon cleaning it. The sole use of water would not help in cleaning it, instead a homemade solution should rather be used. The application of the solution involves using pressure and scrubbing, but should be done in a gentle way. Doing that will maintain the durability of your synthetic stucco coating, and would help it last. Cleaning is a necessary measure to keep your stucco’s outlook at its best.


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    The first and foremost step requires to make a solution, which you would eventually use to clean the surface. The solution should consists of one gallon water along with 1 qt. chlorine bleach and one cup of trisodium phosphate. Stir the solution thoroughly, mix it using a wooden spoon or stick. Don't forget to take the necessary precaution measures by wearing rubber gloves.

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    Use the pump sprayer as prescribed by manufacturer's instruction. Do check if there's a malfunction or a leak in the sprayer beforehand, so that you don't face a problem once you're onto it.

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    Spray the surface with the homemade solution using the pump sprayer. The surface should be covered thoroughly with the solution. Make sure that the entire surface is covered with that solution. Use a ladder if necessary to reach up to high places. Mix more solution if required.

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    While spraying the nearby plants, you'll need to take some precautionary measures regarding the nearby plants. Spray the plants with clean water using a garden hose to ensure a good pressure and a considerable amount of water. In case of sensitive plants, use a plastic sheet or tarp to protect them beforehand spraying the cleaning solution.

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    Once you're done with the spraying, you'll have to brush the synthetic stucco next. Use a long-handled scrubbing brush for the purpose brushing the surface. Be gentle while brushing it, as you don't want it to wear off. It should be brushed from topped to bottom, and use a ladder where necessary.

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    Use a garden hose to apply high pressure of water over it, in order to cleanse it. Don't forget to rinse it thoroughly. The stucco should be rinsed by starting from top, followed by downward movements to remove the traces of the cleaning solution, leaving it cleansed.

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    Rinse any plants around the home with water from the garden hose, or remove the tarp or plastic sheets.

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