How to Build a Snowboard Roller Coaster Box

You can express your creative skills in a number of different ways. Through art craft or building something unique out of scrap, your creativity can lead you to many fun-filled activities. Snowboarding is another thrilling activity many of us love to perform. Snowboarding is not easy at all, especially for the beginners, and you might have to fall a number of times before you can attain a good balance. Crashing in front of other people might be embarrassing for you but you can device some good ways to avoid such situation. A snowboard roller coaster box might come handy in those circumstances.


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    Before making anything new, you will certainly have to design a plan to work upon. The height of the arch should be more than 4 feet high and the overall length of the board should be longer than 8 feet. The width of the board should be more than 2 feet.

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    You also have to determine the spot where you want to place the roller coaster box. If you do not find a natural hill nearby, you will have to use a man-made ramp and a landing area to complete the trajectory.

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    Next you will have to draw the ramp, the arch of the roller coaster and the final flip of the roller coaster box on a sheet of plywood. Use a circular saw to cut the extra plywood and lay out all the pieces for making the sides of the box.

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    Attach 2-by-4 pieces of lumber for connecting the plywood pieces together and making a frame at the backside of the wall. Repeating the same process at the other side will make the top of the box. This makes three completed parts of the roller coaster.

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    Now you have to complete the wooden box frame by assembling the two sides and the top piece together.

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    Take a sheet of polycarbonate plastic and cut out the width of the top to the top of the wooden frame out of it. This layer of plastic is to be attached to the wooden box with screws and make sure you countersink all of them properly.

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    You better place some snow around the base for giving support to your roller coaster box. Moreover, piling some snow before the launch ramp will give you a smoother path for the snowboard to get onto the box.

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