How to Build an Aerated Campfire

Building an aerated campfire is very important when you are out in the wilderness. It is also important that you should also know as to how important it is to build a fire as lighting it is just a part of building it. You need to arrange the wood properly as it will last long. An aerated campfire is an important part of your adventure as it is somewhat of a custom that you build one. Campfire gives you various benefits if you want to stay awake all night long, it will certainly help you sit with your friends.


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    Situate fire at least 10 feet away from tents

    It is certainly important that you build the fire at least 10 feet away from the tents. Not just from tents, but you should also situate the fire 10 feet away from the trees, roots, overhanging boughs, dry leaves and other flammable items. You should also make sure that where you build the fire must be a flat area. You can also dig a few inches in the ground to contain the wood and fire.

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    Clearing space 29 to 32 inches across

    Clearing space 29 to 32 inches across is also a great idea. You can also make a ring of different kinds of rocks to contain the wood but at the same time avoid stones which are wet. It is a very dangerous situation that sometimes wet rocks can lead to dangerous explosions. Water saturated rocks create steam pressure within and this can slowly can lead to an explosion.

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    Gathering firewood, kindling only fallen branches

    You should gather twigs and sticks at the same time. After gathering them you need to categorise these into three portions ranging from twigs, which are less than a quarter inch in diameter to sticks which must no more than an inch thick and larger branches up to three inches.

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    Gathering dense handful of pinestraw, leaves

    Gathering dense handful of pine straw and leaves is also a great idea as it will help you light the fire fast.

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