How to Build a Micro Sized Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace looks elegant and a handsome feature in a backyard. It also provides an excellent opportunity for people to spend some time enjoying their outdoor space. Having a fireplace in the right part of your garden can help you observe nature at night. It is also a great way making chilly nights comfortable for outdoor entertainment. It is recommended to select the fireplace design that blends well with any paved area in your backyard. If you do not have enough room in your backyard for a large fireplace, consider making a tiny one to give you some useful heat.


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    Firstly, consider speaking to your local state office to determine how far from the house and other property lines your outdoor fireplace should be placed. Learning local fire and building codes can help you find out what is the size limit for an outdoor fireplace.

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    Usually, an outdoor fireplace is extremely easy to design. However, if you cannot think of a good design, ask your friend and relatives for more ideas. It is advised to use a pencil to draw the design on a piece of paper. This will help you make changes to the drawing if needed. Now prepare a list of material and chemical you will need to successfully complete the outdoor fireplace in your backyard.

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    Always make sure the area around the proposed fireplace site is clean and tidy. If possible, ask your friends to help you clean that area. There should not be any combustible plants and wooden structures anywhere near the fireplace area. If there is too much cleaning to do and your friends are busy, consider hiring a cleaner for a few hours. This will also help you save your energy for more challenging tasks.

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    Now use spray paint or white powder to define boundaries of the fireplace site. Bring all your material out and place them on a table if possible. Consider digging a trench inside the marked boundaries of your fireplace. Make sure there is at least four inches of gravel underneath the footing to ensure sufficient drainage.

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    Pour the slab and concrete mixture for the fireplace. It is advised to make the slab four inches thick. Allow it get dry before continuing. Use cinder blocks to prepare the base of the hearth. Place bricks around the base to complete the fireplace.

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