How to Seal an Asphalt Driveway

Asphalt driveways are built to last and should ideally serve you all life. This is of course conditioned with the care and maintenance. With time, Asphalt driveways start showing wear and age in form of cracks and uneven surface. Not only does it harm their visual appeal but also shortens their life. If your driveway has started showing cracks, it is time to get to wok. An Asphalt sealant will help you get your driveway as good as new. We have the whole process for you in the guide below.

Things required:

– Edger/trimmer
– Weed killer
– Detergent
– Bucket
– Scrub brush
– Water
– Crack sealer
– Crack patch
– Trowel
– Garage broom
– Hose
– Asphalt sealer
– Paint stick
– Wide squeegee
– Empty drums


  • 1


    Clear the driveway of everything. This includes any plantation that has started growing this way. often weed and grass start growing in the grass. Remove them. Spray weed killer for this purpose although you can also hand pull them. Use a broom to clear debris from the driveway. Prepare detergent solution in a bucket. Use a brush to scrub the driveway with this solution.

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    Crack seal:

    As you scrub the driveway, you will notice cracks on its surface. Mark these off. Get a patch sealer for larger cracks and a can sealer for small ones. Fill these cracks using the manufacturer instructions. The patch can be applied using a trowel while the sealer can be applied using putty knife. Pour crack sealer over the crack and fill it up as much as possible. Read manufacturer's instructions for different types of crack sealers.

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    Wash driveway:

    Rinse off with hose pipe or power washer. This will clear off all the stains on the driveway including oil. Let the driveway dry overnight.

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    Seal the driveway:

    Open up your bucket of Asphalt sealer. You need to stir it first to get a fine solution. Use a paint stick to stir.

    Pour out the sealer at different points of the drive way and use a squeegee to spread it all over. Apply a thin but uniform coat all over the driveway.

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    Let the sealant dry:

    When you cover the entire length, let the driveway remain vacant for a whole day. Keep all kind of traffic off it. You can also use barriers and stop signs to inform others to keep away.

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