How to Make a Wooden Bird Bath

On a hot sunny day, what’s better than taking a bath? A bird bath is design to provide endless hours of fun and entertainment. It is extremely popular among those who love observing birds in the water. It is an excellent way to get close to the nature as birds fly in and out of your yard. A bird bath is usually made and kept by those who want to attract birds to their nests and set up a bird residence. Consider following some simple instructions to build a cheap wooden bird bath for outside your house.


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    Firstly, consider buying a tall wood stake from a local hardware or gardening store. This tall wood stake will be used at the pole for the bird bath. Make sure the pole is long enough for the bird to make their nests. It is recommended to place the nest at least four feet above the ground to keep ground predators away from your bird bath.

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    Considering hammering the stake or place it deep down into the ground so it permanently stays in the earth. It is advised to buy a bag of cement and add the mixture around the pole to secure the pole firmly into the ground.

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    Buy a large clay pot and a tray from the gardening store. The pot will serve as the nesting and bathing area for the birds. Take a drill and make holes near the bottom of the pot.

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    Get a long nail with a big head to position the clay pot and tray on the top of the wood stake. Consider getting ladders to reach the top of the wood stake and nailing the pot up there. You will need to make sure that the nail head is wide enough to stay in the hole drilled into the pot. Apply an adhesive or some a chemical substance to seal the area around the nail. It is recommended to ensure the bird bath is firmly sealed to avoid damage due to rain and wind.

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    After applying the adhesive around the pot, consider filling the bird bath with water. Some people add a dense bush or tree to the area near the bird bath. This provides the birds with a safe heaven to escape if they see a predator coming towards them from the ground or air. Common ground predators include domestic cats and mice.

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