How to Clean Crayon off of Nonporous Surfaces

If you are looking to clean crayon off nonporous surfaces you will be glad to know that the steps involved are extremely simple. At first sight crayons look harmless until they leave marks on walls, doors and other household surfaces including glass and wood. Sometimes, it may be impossible to notice crayon marks immediately which are often made by children playing games. Using some basic items found around the home you can quickly clean crayon marks off of nonporous surfaces.

Things Required:

– Cloth
– Plastic spoon
– Toothpaste
– Vinegar or rubbing alcohol


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    Consider using a plastic spoon or your fingernail to clean the excess crayon off the nonporous surface. It is recommended not to use sharp items for cleaning. Using a knife or pins should be avoided at all times as it can damage the finish of the surface or product. Take your time as you scrape the crayon with a plastic spoon as you will want to get as much off as possible.

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    Next, use non gel toothpaste and run it onto the crayon mark with your fingertips or a piece of cloth. Apply a coating of this toothpaste on the entire crayon mark. This will act as a gently scrub to help remove the crayon marks. Now take some fresh water and dip a clean piece of cloth in it. Wring out the excess water so it is slightly damp. Use the cloth to scrub the crayon mark on the non porous surface. Continue to scrub hard until the mark is gone. Do not use chemical cleaners or detergents to get rid of the mark as they can permanently damage the non porous surface.

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    Now rinse the cloth in clean water to remove excess crayon particles. Remove the toothpaste from the surface while rubbing with the cloth. Rinse the cloth and repeat this step until all the toothpaste and crayon marks are completely removed. Take your time and always remember to scrub using a gently motion without pressing too hard on the surface.

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    Take another piece of cloth and dip it into the solution of rubbing alcohol or white vinegar. Apply any of these two materials on the crayon mark to remove the wax or grease from the non porous surface. Gently rub the mark so that all of the crayon mark comes off easily. You will also want to wipe away the rubbing alcohol or white vinegar after removing the crayon mark from the nonporous surface.

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