How to Make Homemade Silver Polish

Silver depicts elegance. Weather its table wear or jewelry, it stands out.  Shining silver is a treat to the eyes. A charming silver piece can lose its beauty when exposed to specific chemicals. These simple treatments will help to bring back the shine and the best part is no chemicals will be used.  It may be surprising that all these cleaning agents can be found at home. They are safe and cheap.


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    For this method you need: 5 tsp of cream of tartar, 2 cups of milk and a bowl. If you do not have tarter, substitute it with lemon juice or vinegar. Mix it in a big bowl and put the silver pieces in this for a night. Take them out the next day and wash in cold water. Dry them with a fine cloth to restore the shine.

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    The second recipe includes: liquid bluing, soap and ammonia, all three should be measured 1/2 cup. Mix a cup of hot water in the mixture.  Use a plastic bottle to shake these ingredients . Keep it to cool for a little while. When it reaches normal temperature, shake it again and rub gently on the silver ware with a soft cloth. Make sure that the whole surface is polished. Then wash it using cold water and dry it with a cotton cloth. The result will amaze you!

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    Another great idea is to use tooth paste. Its a foolproof method to make your silver shiny like before. Pick any simple white toothpaste and rub it on the silver piece. Cover the whole surface. Then after 10 minutes, take a soft toothbrush and stroke the surface to wipe away the dullness. To end the routine, wash it with cold water and dry it off with a cloth.

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    This method requires: 1 tbsp of baking soda, i quart water and 1 tbsp of salt. A glass pan and aluminium foil will also be needed. To start off, wash the silver things with water. Cover the inside of the pan with foil and put the silver in it. Put water in it and make sure the items are covered. Add in baking soda and put the pan on heat. When water starts to boil, turn the heat off and let it stay there for an hour. After some time the silver will start to appear clean. Then as with other methods, clean with cold water and dry with a soft piece of cloth.

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