How to Interline Your Drapery Panels

Interlining your drapery panels is a simple task. You can achieve your target by following a few and simple steps. The main function of drapes is to prevent the sun light from penetrating through your curtains, and they also provide a support to your curtains if the fabric is lightweight. Although the task of interlining is simpler than one might find, you have to follow carefully all steps, from measurement to cutting of the fabric. Since the fabric is very lightweight and transparent it requires an extra care to be handled. Nevertheless you can complete the task easily.


  • 1

    Measurement of Drapes

    Getting the right width and length for the drapes is the first and the most important step, which can also ease your job. Make sure you do not make any mistake while measuring.

  • 2

    Adding To Measurement

    Add about 10 inches to length of the total measurement, and while multiplying the total width with the digit of 2, add about 8 inches in the total width measurement.

  • 3

    Cutting of Fabric

    Cut your fabric in measurement of length with 10 inches in addition while in line with width also. Also cut your lining fabric and interlining batting with 9 inches minus to total length and 3 inches minus in width.

  • 4

    Layer of Lining and Interlining

    Layer both - the lining and interlining - together by pinning the touching interlining in the wrong side of the lining.

  • 5

    Laying of Curtain Fabric

    Lay the curtain fabric facing upward and lay the layer of lining touching the wrong side of the curtain.

  • 6

    Adjust Lining

    Adjust the lining layer in way that it sits about one and a half inch on the sides of the curtain layer and about five inches at the bottom of the curtain layer.

  • 7

    Folding and Sewing

    Fold the curtain one inch on the lining and another inch again so that the lining is grabbed in the fold and then first pin it so that both pieces do not move. Now you can sew the edges.

  • 8

    Folding and Sewing of Top Edge

    Then fold the top edge of the curtain over the lining for about an inch and then move on to fold another four inches on top of it so that lining is hold in the fold. Pin the edges first and then you can sew them safely. This should make the space for the curtain rod. You can check by putting the curtain rod through the space you have just sewed and now the interlining of your drapery panels is almost done.

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