How to Build a Greenhouse Out Of Old Storm Windows

If you are into plantation then building a greenhouse can be a good project for you. A greenhouse is a building made specifically to grow plants and can either be like a small shed or a big compound. Plants need sunlight, so greenhouses have glass walls on all sides with the roof also made of glass. Getting so much glass can be difficult especially if glass prices are high in your region. Nonetheless, there is an easy way around this, as you can use scrapped windows for this purpose.


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    The first thing is to select an appropriate location for your greenhouse. Congested areas are not suitable, since your greenhouse will require a lot of sunshine.

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    Once the location has been finalised, collect a variety of old windows, damaged in storms, to use for your greenhouse. If you do not have usable windows then it is better to go to estate and yard sales. Keep an eye out for old windows in garage sales.

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    You cannot use these windows before cleaning them. Clear off any paint from these windows by using a paint scraper. Some old windows have lead paint, so it is advised that you work in a well-ventilated area. Scrapping off the paint will take some time so be patient and clean them thoroughly.

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    Once you are done with cleaning, it is time to fit these windows into your greenhouse. Keeping along the edges you should place painter's tape on the windows next to the wooden frames. You now have to paint the stripped window panes with an exterior primer. Let them dry and then paint the frames with an exterior coating of paint. Now wait for this coat to dry before applying the second coat. You now need to remove the painter’s tape when dried.

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    Use hammer nails to hold the wooden frames together in order to build the greenhouse. Be careful not to break the glass as it can get dangerous with sharp edges.

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    Now in order to seal the space between the area where two windows meat, use an outdoor waterproof sealing caulk. A Caulking gun should be used to apply the caulk.

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    With the help of paint scraper spread the caulk to secure the seals.

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