How to Level a Pool Table Yourself

Playing pool is the hobby of many young and adult people. However, if the pool table is not levelled you may miss on a number of shots. This will also not help your game and you may lose focus in this way. So, make sure your pool table is levelled for the best experience. This can be done by placing wooden shims under the legs of the table. The area can be determined by a carpenter’s level.

Things Required:

– Wood shims
– Carpenter’s Level
– Billiard ball
– Small piece of glass
– Marble piece


  • 1

    Determine the type

    There are many types of pool tables in the market nowadays. There are tables with metal plates that can be adjusted. Another type of table is that has adjustable legs. Both these types are very easy to level as they can be easily adjusted. However, if you do not have any of the above mentioned tables, then you would need wooden shims to level your table.

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    Use the Carpenter’s Level

    It is very important to determine which area of the table is not on the standard level. To do this, you need to use a carpenter’s level. Use the level in the center first and then all the sides of the table to determine which area has to be treated.

  • 3

    Place wooden shims under the table

    Once you have determined which side or area needs to be levelled, ask someone to lift that side of the table so that you can place a wooden shim beneath the leg. It is very important to know the size of the wooden shim that needs to be placed under the table. Carefully place the wooden shim in the middle and place the table down on it.

  • 4

    Perform tests for checking

    To determine whether your table is at the correct level after placing the shim, there are two tests. First would be to roll a billiard ball on the table from one end to the other. If the ball goes straight, you have got it right. A second way would be to place a small piece of glass in the center of the table and putting a marble piece on it. If the marble piece does not slide on any side, you table is level.

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