Insulating Your Home for winter

Winters can get quite harsh at times and all a person wants to do is to get home and stay indoors to avoid the cold weather. However, it is possible that despite best efforts, your home may not be safe from the harshness of the weather.

In such a case, the home needs to be insulated for the winters so that it can be warm and cosy. It is a very manageable task and needs the right equipment to be completed successfully.

Things Required:

– Insulating Self Adhesive Tape
– Wood Putty
– Towel(s)
– Cellular Shades
– Multi Layered Curtains


  • 1

    Find Holes/Gaps

    Wood can develop some holes or gaps with time. These are pretty small and may not be apparent to the naked eye. You will need to feel these by moving your hand on top of the wooden surface. It is not an easy task but doing it can reduce the problem greatly.

  • 2

    Fill Holes/Gaps

    This can be easily done with the help of some wood putty, which is easily available in the market from any hardware or paint store. It should be enough to take care of the matter and save much of the heat that was being lost through these gaps and holes.

  • 3

    Sealing the Windows

    In case there are gaps in the window sides, you can seal them with the help of insulating self adhesive tape. Cut it to lengths that you need and carefully put it on the edges of the window to seal any spaces. Make sure that you do this carefully and no air bubbles are left when you apply it since that can render it ineffective.

  • 4

    Cellular Shades

    These are excellent choice for the winters. These stop the air from coming in, while allowing the sunlight to pass through. This is an ideal solution for insulating the windows and winterizing your home.

  • 5

    Multi Layered Curtains

    Instead of using light drapes or curtain, opt for the multi layered ones or the ones that have linings underneath. Although they will stop the sunlight from entering the home, they will also stop any air that may be coming through the window. If these look good, they will also add to your home’s décor.

  • 6

    Seal the Bottom of the Doors

    Often air enters the house from the areas underneath the bottom of the doors. The best way to go about it is to stuff old towels underneath to block the air from entering the home.

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