How to Clean a Plumb Bob When Wallpapering

A plumb bob is a very useful thing which aids in identifying the vertical reference of a building. It does not matter whether you are building a house or a skyscraper; a plumb bob is always required to identify the centre of gravity of a building of any shape. As the building goes taller, the plumb bob is taken upward, generally floor by floor to ensure smooth and balanced construction. It is a kind of weight with a pointed tip which is hung from the wall with the help of a string.


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    Choose the wallpaper

    If you have completed the construction of a particular floor and want to wallpaper it, it is strongly advised that you choose the wallpaper carefully. For this, you must select the wallpaper carefully. It is strongly suggested that you keep in mind the type of interior decoration you want and the colour of furniture you would be having. You do not want your building to look odd and it is important that everything should complement each other. Thus, keeping in mind all these things, you must choose the colour and design of wallpaper vigilantly.

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    Gather the necessary stuff

    In order to clean plumb bob while wallpapering, you must gather all the necessary stuff. You will be required to fill the hole that was made in the ceiling. For this, you will need a little cement along with the tools to paste it. Remember that it is of considerable importance that you fill the hole properly otherwise it will not be able to hold the wallpaper. You will need a pan to make the mixture for plaster and an instrument through which you can apply it to the wall. Do not forget to paste a sheet underneath that area as you do not want the plaster to fall on your floor or furniture. You must also keep an extra piece of cloth to clean the area, if required.

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    Apply the mixture

    After you have gathered all the stuff, you must start applying it to the relevant area. Make sure that you have applied it properly and the hole is filled in a proper manner. Now, you must wait for a while and let the plaster dry. During this time, you should not touch the mixture and leave it as it is.

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    Paste the wallpaper

    No, you should paste the chosen wallpaper and the concerned area will be covered properly.- Make sure you have applied the mixture well.

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