How to Create a Cocktail Ottoman

Since the beginning of the human civilization on this planet, people have found new ways of decorating their homes. You serve food and drinks differently all around the world according to the culture of your region. Cocktail ottoman is one of the most elegant tables on which you can serve drinks to your guests and can use it for other purposes as well. If made well, a cocktail ottoman can enhance the beauty of your house and will surely catch the eyes of visitors. Replace your traditional coffee table with a cocktail ottoman and upgrade your home as it will give a softer and nice touch to the whole outlook.

A cocktail ottoman is large enough to accommodate a tray of drinks. It is an extremely pleasant way of entertaining guests but you can use it for different purposes. It allows you to have an additional seat in the room; whereas, you can also put your feet on it and relax.


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    Select and paint a wooden table

    Select a nice wooden table and paint the board and the table legs with a colour which suits with the cloth you have chosen. Once you paint the table, let it dry for a night or for about six hours. Be very choosy in the colour and the quality of the fabric as it should go with the colour of your walls.

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    Wrap the foam and fabric

    Once the paint is dried, put the foam on top of the board smoothly. Make sure that the edges of the foam and the board are aligned nicely. Now you need to wrap the fabric over the foam and the board. Remember that the right side of the cloth should be facing out. Once you have wrapped the fabric over the wooden board, turn the table upside down extremely carefully, keeping in mind that the foam should not be displaced from the board.

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    Having placed the table upside down, you need to staple the fabric together very craftily as a slight mistake will loosen the grip of the cloth over the foam and the table. If there is some spare cloth, you can also wrap fabric over the legs of the table if you wish. Put some weight on the table to see if everything is in order.

    You cocktail ottoman is now ready to use. It is entirely up to you if you want to place it in your guest room or your personal room.

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