How to Make a Disaster Survival Kit

Disasters can strike at any time, any moment without prior notice. Which is why being prepared for one to occur is what separates a person from the others on the basis of being smart and ready to tackle any challenge that comes in front.

An emergency survival kit is extremely important when a disaster comes about because no one else will have the necessary supplies to keep you and your family safe, especially when something like a flood, earth quake or any other natural disaster strikes. Being prepared is always good and for a disaster, that is priceless.


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    Get Educated

    Not all disasters are the same and being generally prepared may or may not help you do the best you could have done if you had taken various disaster types into consideration. Getting educated on how to prepare and follow through when a tornado strikes, or an earthquake happens or basically anything else.

    There are numerous resources on the internet that will give you all the information on what needs to be done when a specific disaster strikes, but in general, the disaster survival kit is one that usually stays the same.

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    Specifying a location area to store your disaster survival kit is the first step in making a disaster survival kit. You should have a large enough area to store all your supplies such as a large duffel bag, canned food, water, portable radios, flashlights, matches and batteries. The place should be one with quick enough access to get to when in the time of need. Preferably, storage that you can pick up quickly like trunk or container.

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    Canned Food and Water

    Nothing is more important than having adequate supplies of food and water. Food should not be perishable, which is why canned food is the need of the moment here. Those types of food which do not need refrigeration and can sustain your family for at least three days to a week.

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    First Aid and other necessities

    No matter what the disaster is, having a first aid kit with bandages, pain relievers and other medical supplies of importance is key. Followed by a radio to getting the latest updates on the situation. Due to there not being any electricity, having candles, matches and flashlights with backup batteries is a no brainer. A small gas camp stove to heat the food and whistles to gain attention are some of the basic items every disaster survival kit must have.

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