How to Demolish a Drywall

For some people, construction work is fun. It provides them to do work with their own hands and be productive. It also provides one with a sense of achievement.

Every task is done with a process and has to be done properly. Sometimes the construction works actually requires deconstruction as well. If we need to remove a damaged wall, we will have to take it out following a certain process.

Demolishing a drywall is a simple process and needs some tools and a bit of physical strength. There are some preparation that you must make before knocking the wall out to avoid unnecessary and unintended damage.


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    Before you start to take the wall down, turn off the power, gas and water supply of the house or building. There can be pipes or wiring that you are not aware of and can cause damage to the facilities as well as can harm you. Also put on a construction hat, a face mask, some workman shoes and worker’s gloves to make sure that you are safe.

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    Knock in Holes

    A two pound sledge hammer should be ideal for the job. Punch in holes at a distance in the wall. Ideally make then in circular shape at arm arm’s length from each other. This will be helpful in taking down the wall.

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    Start Removing Drywall

    The next step is to start removing the wall from around the holes we just made. Use a smaller hammer to pull out pieces of wall. Once this is done, start pulling out larger chunks of the already damaged wall. At first they will only move back and forth but will soon start coming out after getting lose. The gloves will serve you particularly well and will protect you from any edges in the wall.

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    Finish the Job

    Afterwards, remove any drywall screws that you can find.  A drill can help you in this regard. You can continue to pull down the wall. Use a crowbar to pull down any wall away from the studs.  Cut the wall seam with the help of a utility knife.

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    Remove the Trash

    While you are breaking the wall, make sure that you keep on moving the rubble at one place in the room which is not to be used. It will help you in getting rid of it altogether in the end as well as help you avoid tripping while taking the wall down.

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