How to Install Shutoff Valves

Shutoff valves are the most commonly used mode of controlling flow of water through pipes. These valves allow you to stop water flow through a particular tap while leaving water flowing freely through rest of the taps in the house if desired. Installing a shutoff valve is something for which most people prefer to hire a plumber. However, with the proper set of tools at your disposal, it is something you can easily accomplish at home.

Things Required:

– Braided metal flexible supply tubes
– Pipe cutter
– Fine-grit sandpaper
– Teflon tape
– Adjustable wrench


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    Before you can start installing shutoff valves, check and see how the lines are coming up. This will help you determine the type of shutoff valves which needs to be installed. For lines which come up through the floor, straight shutoff valves work best. For lines which emerge from behind the wall, you can install straight shutoff valves or angle shutoff valves; install straight shutoff valves if the vertical run of the lines is 8 inches or longer, otherwise install angle shutoff valves.

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    Along the lines, determine the position of the shutoff valves. Then measure the distance between the point you choose and the base of the faucet. Make use of braided metal flexible supply tubes for this purpose.

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    You can now move on the installing the shutoff valve at its predetermined location. Start by shutting off the main water supply. Then open a faucet and wait from the water to drain completely. This should take no more than a few minutes.

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    Determine the type of connection between the water supply line and base of the fixture. It may be a simple screw or a soldered pipe. In the latter case, use a pipe cutter and cut the pipe about 2 inches from the fixture’s base and 6 to 10 inches further down the pipe; away from the base of the fixture. Clean the pipe with fine-grit sandpaper until the ends come to a shine.

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    You will see a compression nut on the shutoff valve. Slide that nut onto the pipe. Make sure that the threads of the compression nut are facing towards the open end. After that has been accomplished, slide on the compression ring which came with the shutoff valve.

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    Firmly wrap a piece of Teflon tape on the end of the pipe and then forcefully slide the shutoff valve onto the piece of tape. Tighten the grip of the shutoff on the pipe with your hand.

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    Now the compression fitting of the flexible supply tube which you are using needs to be attached to the open end of the shutoff valve. As before, accomplish this with your hands. Make connection between the base of the faucet and the open end of the flexible supply tube in a similar fashion.

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    Tighten all the handmade connection with an adjustable wrench. Finally, open the main water supply.

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