How to Wire a Phone Extension

Running to a ringing phone can be quite a tiring and inconvenient job, especially if  the phone is at the other end of the house. The worse part is the call might even get dropped by the time you get to it. You can save yourself this run very easily by wiring a phone extension to a place near you to make life easier. No no, you do not have to call the electrician for that. This is something you can do yourself. Just get the materials required and get working with our step by step guide.

Things Required:

–  Screwdriver
–  Hammer
–  Wire cutters/stripper
–  RF-11 modular surface mount box
–  4-conductor phone cable


  • 1

    Open Up the Phone Box:

    A modular phone box is found on the wall, usually over the baseboard. Unscrew its cover to expose the screw terminals inside. The box is also known as the phone jack.

  • 2

    Connect Wires:

    You have a 4-conduction phone cable. Strip off 1 1/2-inch of its outer insulation cover. This will expose four wires of colors red, green, black and yellow. Strip off 1/2-inch of insulation from these wires, exposing the copper inside. Turn the ends of these wires to make a loop shape which could be wrapped around the screw terminals. Wrap the wires to the screw by matching the colors, i.e green to green, red to red. Remember the screws already have wires around, so when you are done with this step, you will have two wires around each screw.

  • 3

    Extend Line:

    Extend the line from the box to the place where you want to place your phone extension. To hold the line to the baseboard, use the nails and clamp kit. When you reach the phone extension place, cut the line to the length. You can also extend the line along baseboard and molding to hide it from view.

  • 4

    Make a Connection:

    From the just cut part of the line, strip off 1 1/2- inch of outer cover insulation, exposing the four wires. From these four individual wires, strip off 1/2 inch of insulation.

    Open up the cover of the new mount box. Connect these wires to the screws in the box, matching the colors like before. After making the connection, install the new mount box on the baseboard using the screws that came with it.  Push back the cover. Install the phone plug into the jack of the mount box.

    Enjoy dialing!!

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