How to Make a Tabletop Fountain

The sound of water gurgling in a tabletop fountain can be very soothing to the ears and the beauty of the item makes it an ideal centerpiece or a decoration piece. Moreover, such fountains can be an effective way of humidifying dry air and thus preventing the risk of a number of diseases which occur due to dry air. Making a tabletop fountain is a fairly easy task, provided you know the right way to do it.

Things Required:

– Small, submersible water pump
– Plastic tubing
– Waterproof bowl
– Rocks, beads, or marbles
– Other decorations


  • 1

    Visit a local garden or aquarium supply store in order to buy a small water pump and plastic tubing. If you cannot physically go to the store, consider ordering the water pump and plastic tubing over the phone. To ensure that the pump does not float in the fountain water, choose a pump that has suction cups fitted on its bottom. Moreover, the inner diameter of the plastic tubing you choose should be 1/2 inch whereas its outer diameter should be 5/8 inch.

  • 2

    Purchase a ceramic, glass, plastic, or metal container. If you opt for a clay container which was not already sealed, you will need to line or seal it with plastic. You can also put the container in a basket and then hide the container by placing rocks or plants in the basket.

  • 3

    Starting pouring water into the container and continue until the water pump is completely submerged. Make sure that the pump is working properly before moving on to the next step.

  • 4

    Cover the water pump with rocks, marbles or beads. Drill a hole in the objects you use for this purpose, if required.

  • 5

    Decorate the fountain by placing objects such as plants, candles, figurines or glass trinkets in the fountain.

  • 6

    Turn the water pump on and make sure everything is in perfect order. The sound of the water can be altered by increasing or decreasing the flow of the water through the pump if required, or by changing the path of the water by putting more rocks in the way.

  • 7

    After every three months or so, clean the water pump and any algae that has developed on the walls of the container. To change the look of the fountain, rearrange the decorative objects or simply use different decorative objects.

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