How to Make a Door Hanger for Kids

Door hangers have been used commonly in hotels to give messages to those who are standing outside the closed door. It is mostly used to convey privacy messages such as “Please Do Not Disturb” or may be a message requesting “Please Clean This Room”. However, door hangers can be used in houses as well to convey your desired messages to other persons living in the house. Kids love to place door hangers at the knobs of their room’s door to ask for privacy from their parents or older siblings or to impress their friends by making creative hangers. You can be as creative with your door hangers as you want to. You can paint them or cover them with fabric or card sheets, it’s all your choice. You can get a ready-made door hanger always but it will not reflect your personality and your creative side. It is also a very good way to keep your kid busy in artwork. You can make hangers for the doors of your kid’s bedroom or bathroom.

Things Required:

– Fun Foam

– Paint Pens

– Pen Knife (Do not let your kid use it)

– Glue

– Scissor


  • 1

    Decide the shape of your door hanger. It should be a little funky and colourful to attract kids as it is meant for their room’s doorway. Sketch your door hanger first. Take a piece of paper at least 6 inches wide and 10 inches long. Draw the shape of your door hanger on it by using pencil and also draw a circle at the top from where you will insert the hanger into the door knob.

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  • 2

    Now, cut out the sketch you drew on the paper. Then place it on any door knob to make sure it fits properly and the door can be open and close easily.

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    Now, cut your fun foam according to the sketched piece of paper. Use pen knife to cut the shape properly.

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    Now, it’s time to write your desired text on the door hanger. There are many options, you can write “Welcome”, “Beware”, “Keep Out” and any fun slogan you want others to read.

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    Pick illustrations to match with the text written on your door hanger. You can choose one or two illustrations to place on the hanger. A skull with crossbones can go with “Keep Out” and so on.

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    Now you can use paints and colourful pens to reproduce your designed door hanger and erase pencil work after tracing it with the desired colours.

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  • 7

    You can glue many extra adornments like glitter, fun shapes, cartoons, beats etc if you desire. This will attract kids.

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