How to Build a Display Campaign with Ad Desk

Display advertisement has become a powerful tool to market a business and its products/services online. But it sometimes gets confusing for advertisers to decide what display ad campaign will fit their business marketing needs best, as there are plenty of ad campaigns which can help them reap almost similar benefits.

Despite so many website providing display advertisement services on the Internet. Ad Desk, has become popular in the recent months and is gaining ground by the day. Building a display ad campaign with Ad Desk is easy, as its automated system can place business’s ads on hundreds of sites more effectively than any other ad campaign.

Ad Desk allows you to choose your target audience and geography. Its self-serve tool is best for any kind of business and the costs are minimal.  Ad Desk lets its users create their own graphical advertising as well and get it uploaded on literally hundreds of web pages, emails and IM applications.

The form these ads get posted in is usually banners, pictures, logos and even text. Interactive multimedia is an effective platform for display advertisement, and Ad Desk is fully geared to meet these needs.


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    Create account

    Being a tool of, you can create an account by following a step-by-step process. However, you will be required to do a few things before you can set up an account.

    - Set budget: The website will ask you to set your budget during the account creating process. Setting a budget solely depends on your financial strength. You can start from as low as $200 to $1000 a month, for instance.

    - CPM or CPC: You need to choose whether you want to pay per ad or per click. Per ad (CPM) is gaining ground these days, but CPC is found to be better when it comes to getting more clicks with bidding on certain sites like social media networking.

    - Decide the ad timing: You will have to choose certain time slots for ads to appear on your targeted websites.

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    Target your audience

    It is the most important part of your ad campaign. However, Ad Desk allows you target the audience of your choice without any hassle. You can target your audience in terms of demography, geography (countries), website content (text/videos/flash) and user interests.

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    Upload ads

    The account, which has now been set up, will ask you to upload your ads. You can hire someone to create ads if you do want to do it yourself. Once the ads are uploaded, they will start appearing on your set schedule.

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    Ad Desk allows you to make adjustments in your campaign

    If you want to make an adjustment in your campaign due to any reason, you are at liberty. You might want to change your target audience from user interests to geography (a certain country).

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