How to Pitch a TV Show Idea to a Network

Having a great idea for a TV show, and selling that idea to a TV network are two completely different matters. While the concept might seem great in your head, it could fall flat the moment you try selling it to a producer. In addition to having a great idea, it is also essential to know how to pitch it, in order to take it further.


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    Firstly, work on solidifying and polishing your idea. Plan it out carefully, and come up with a good setting, interesting characters, and a captivating storyline. Run your idea by people you know, to determine whether it really is as interesting as you think it is. Make sure it truly is an original idea, and hasn’t been done before. When you pitch your idea, you will need to know it backwards, and will end up looking bad if the network discovers any loopholes or weaknesses in your concept.

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    Make sure you select the right network to pitch the idea to – it is essential to look for a network that runs the type of show you have come up with. For example, do not pitch a high school comedy to a network that runs dramatic soap operas, or a sci-fi series to network that focuses on women’s issues.

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    Prepare your presentation thoroughly. Coming up with an idea is one thing, and presenting it is another matter entirely. Make sure you can speak with confidence – do not stutter, or stammer. Make it obvious that you know what you are talking about. Include real-life example, statistics from the network’s current shows and their ratings – in short, make sure you know everything there is to know. Do not read from a piece of paper during the presentation – learn to speak in a self-assured manner, while making eye contact with the audience.

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    Present yourself in an impressive, professional light. Dress well for the presentation where you will be pitching your idea to the network and make sure you show up on time. Keep all your material organised in a neat folder, so you are not fumbling around for different notes and papers.

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    Enhance your presentation with visuals. Bring along a storyboard, slides, and even copies of material you plan to use during the presentation, which you can hand out to your audience before you begin your pitch. Instead of just talking, help the producers see for themselves how great your idea is.

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    Finish by thanking your listeners, and making it clear that you hope to hear from them. Shake hands with everybody in the room, and make sure you provide your contact information. Let them know that you are fully committed to your idea, and will wait for their call.

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