Sticker Design Tips

Stickers have become simple marketing tools. Even though most of the stickers that we see are small in sizes, they have been effective advertising materials. They can either be placed in cars, helmets or computers. They are usually distributed through mail, at trade shows, and penned with another company. Because of this, lots of printing companies offer sticker design and printing services. And, as a consumer, you must also know the considerations that these printers have in the creation of these promotional stickers.

Initially, you need to have enough time to design your stickers. Usually, sticker production lasts for two to four weeks. It is important, though, to brainstorm first, consider advice from manufacturers, and carefully prepare the design’s layout. You must also think about the purpose that these stickers will serve. They can actually serve several purposes such as building a corporate image, promoting a certain product or service, informing a specific audience regarding your website, and a lot more.

Then, it is also necessary to know and understand the resources and processes of other sticker manufacturers in the industry. Through this, you might acquire the easiest way to produce your promotional stickers cost-effectively. In sticker designing, keep it simple as much as possible because it has to communicate a message easily, clearly and often from a distance. You must avoid stickers with small details, complex graphics, more than three colors, and more than one simple image or message. Stickers are tagged as very small billboards so you must also have a clear logo or a “headline”.

If you are creating a promotional sticker, printing it on white vinyl doesn’t necessarily mean that the sticker’s background needs to be white. For a one-color sticker, you can use a printed color as the background and leave the copy white for a more valuable and attractive image. Also, don’t waste the white space on the back of the sticker. You can still use it for news, coupons, advertising, postcard copy, and many more. In designing a sticker on clear material for application to windows, it has to be printed on white ink because this color reflects more visibility than other darker colors.

Indeed, creating a powerful and unique sticker will be tremendously effective for your marketing efforts. The use of stickers has been proven to be very effective advertising media. It might appear to be small yet its design process is something that must be thought of seriously, too.

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