Twitter Wins the Social Media Strategy Battle Over Facebook

Brands have taken to social networks to distribute their message to their target audience and their community. In this sense, Facebook and Twitter are at centre of brands’ social media strategy, and have played a prominent role in catching the attention of users online. It is paramount for brands to choose the right platform in order to keep an active and consistent interaction with their existing customers, potentially attracting new ones and promoting the word of mouth online.

Brands invest in one or the other depending on their convenience, and the possibilities they see in them to connect to with their target audience, creating a strong community, or handle inquiries from consumers. However, Twitter has gone the extra mile when it comes to customer service, making it easier for consumers to connect with their brands.

What is best for a brand? Obviously depends on the objectives, target and other conditions of the strategy of the company, but we can summarize some thoughts that do give the balance in favor of Twitter.

Twitter has a whole host of exciting analytic tools available
It is one of the most visible advantages of Twitter compared to Facebook. The amount of tools available on the market makes the measurement of the activity of users in the platform much easier. This contributes to a better assessment of the success or failure of the brand in its online strategy. Most of them are free, and the premium versions, for more complete reports, are not particularly expensive.

Listening is one of the most important tasks in social media. Social media listening has become the backbone of a successful social strategy. Without active listening about what followers have to tell, the brands are lost. In this sense, Twitter has a point in his favor against Facebook with its API. There are many applications and software capable of measuring and monitoring better and more accurately, as Radian 6 or SocialBro.

A great tool for customer service
Its immediacy makes it a useful channel to respond to inquiries and questions from consumers. Many companies already use it to address real-time enquires, and even others like Tata Docomo enabled customers to have the ability to enable or disable wireless plans through the micro blogging network, with TwittCom.

Viral potential of its network
Its immediacy, the ability to post as many times without overwhelming your audience and the public help enormously to promote and spread a message, a picture, a story or video to become viral. So Twitter is a channel that is often used by companies to encourage their ads, their competitions and their efforts on their followers and achieve a greater reach.

Posts concise and straight to the point
Twitter encourages a much focused communication at the heart of the message, no frills and to the point. The space is restricted to 140 characters to communicate your message, making it ideal for many users who lead a hectic lifestyle, lacking the time, and those want to see what’s new with their brands in an agile and fast way.
It is true that many prefer Facebook because it’s easier to maintain and offers temporary results. Twitter takes longer and requires more dedication but once you are able to create a community the task is simplified.

A machine real- time search
Advanced search allows companies to find specific conversations with tremendous ease. With a combination of keywords and thanks to the improvements Twitter have been introducing is very easy to find who is talking about a specific topic on the network. Using hash tags greatly facilitates the whole process as well, unlike Facebook.

A market research tool
The feedback that brands can get from their customers on Twitter is powerful. There are many companies fearful to open a profile and be overwhelmed and not know how to control what users say about them. However, the fact that they are not present does not mean that they will not be criticized in its activity. Simply by being there to listen to first-hand information on customer feedback can offer much more insight than any market research.

What other benefits do you believe that gathers Twitter versus Facebook?

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