How to Make Money with Article Marketing

Article marketing has become very crucial for most of the websites today, especially ones that are into business. The online competition has grown steeply in the past few years and people have started to rely more and more on the quantity and quality of content. This is where article marketing jumps in, as people need articles on a massive scale for various purposes.

Article marketing is done to boost the image of a website, update blogs and most importantly, to enhance search results. However, keep in mind, making money through article marketing may not start giving you money overnight. Practice and experience can help you become a successful article marketer.


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    Write articles for others

    There are literally tens of thousands of websites that can offer you article writing jobs (freelance). All you have to do is sign up with a couple of websites and start writing for them on their terms and conditions.

    Remember these websites are not article marketing websites - they are usually normal websites owned by individuals. Since Google and other search engines have started to place great emphasis on content, websites are frantically looking for writers to keep updating their websites and blogs.

    Websites that are in some kind of competition, such as those into business, like to update their content on a regular basis, and this is what has given article marketing a boost.

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    Create an article directory

    Create an article directory (website) and invite writers to write articles on a wide variety of topics. Once the directory starts attracting readers, you can start thinking of making money through advertisement. Individuals/writers write articles for directories because they are allowed to leave a link of their own websites along with the article. Writers write to boost their backlinks and readership, and you get free traffic (readers) with the chance to make money through plans like “pay per click” and others.

    Once your web traffic increases, you can also sing up for programs like Google AdSense. There are plenty of article directories on the Internet today, where thousands of people sign up and upload articles on just about every topic. People who upload articles want to gain exposure or boost their websites’ search engine visibility, which in turn gives you massive traffic.

    Some of the popular article directories include and So, create one like these and earn through ads.

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    Create your own website and sell articles

    Another good way to make money through article marketing is to create a website and offer your writing services to others. Your website should be a one-stop shop for article on just about every field and industry. In order to cater to multiple industries, you can hire freelance writers who can offer their services to clients that visit your website. There are tons of websites that can give you writing work on freelance basis.

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