Increase Sales and Revenue from E-Mail List

In the modern world, operating any business or practice large or small, the Internet provides an excellent way to communicate your message to your existing and new customers, clients or patients. Setting up an E-mail list is relatively easy, and least expensive. However, time consuming to maintain, an accurate Data Base. But, the rewards include increase sales revenue, and information more readily available to your patrons.

Any type of business, whether it be a medical practice, lawn mowing business, Dry Cleaning establishment, restaurant, accounting office, or any service related business, an E-mail Data Base would keep your customers informed of news events, special current promotions, or providing a discount coupon (printed by the viewer), to give the incentive to come into the business establishment. However any coupon or offers of a discount should have an expiration date, which gives enough time for anyone to use this coupon. This can certainly bring new customers or returning clients.

Establishing an E-mail list can be initially started, from the current list of patrons that come to your business. When patrons come into your establishment, you could ask for E-mail Addresses and informing every one of your intention to provide, E-mail updates, concerning your business. Some may refuse to provide there e-mail address, because they don’t wont’ to receive any unwanted e-mail advertisements. Every e-mail address would be kept confidential to your Data Base.

Furthermore, if written permission is granted by the recipient, than a customer’s e-mail address, could get corresponds from other websites. At any time, a request to be removed from your Data Base would be honored immediately. An incentive, for people to sign up their E-mail address to your website (if you have a business website), by creating a sweepstakes entry contest, for each e-mail address provided, along with recipient’s name and address, to contact any winner. This process, increases the chances of eliminating bogus e-mail addresses, names and there home address. And, a business website can get new customers to sign – up, if you sell your products and or services thru your website.
Inclusive within your Data Base, each E-mail address could include, information regarding that person or family member name, services or product sold recently, and all information would have to be kept up to date, within the Data Base. This information would be helpful in the future, if you are going to provide a promotion on a service that a customer, often purchased or subscribed to previously. For example, if you owned a florist store, you might offer a discount on roses during the following two weeks, and offer that to your existing e-mail customers, or anyone that signs up to your e-mail list.

However, from your Data Base, you may select those customers that made the most number of purchases, over the past two months, and offer them a substantial promotional discount, during a short duration of time. Remember, to many frequent e-mail letters, could be annoying to people.

When creating standardized E-mail letter, that will be send out to those listed on your data base, information should include your business name, address, telephone number, fax number, logo, and your E-mail address for anyone to reply back in a correspondence. The text of the letter should be friendly, courteous, easy to read and correct spelling. May incorporate one or more pictures of you, staff or promotional item. Also, consider adding a greeting message, according to the season of the year or music to the E-mail letter. Incorporated within the e-mail, would include any updated news, promotional service, product or service coupon that would be printed and presented upon arrival in your establishment, with an expiration date. The E-mail letter could be placed on a search engine to get more people to sign up.

If you have a business website, on the last page, should include a form for anyone to add there E-mail or have there E-mail Address removed from your Data Base. Also, requesting any comment, question, name and address. This would be a valuable tool, to get new customers, by sending out e-mail news, and or promotions.

If any e-mail address recipient, gives permission either in writing or by e-mail, to receive corresponds from other websites, that would increase your business revenue, since a separate list of those E-mail addresses, could be sold for a price to companies or exclusively to one website. The great number of e-mail addresses, would increase the value of this list.

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