How to Promote Your Art Opening

So you have decided to show your work at some art gallery and now thinking how to make best out of the opening. Well, a strong promotional campaign is your best bet as it will notify not only the art connoisseurs but also those who just want some good piece of art to decorate their drawing rooms.

Launching a publicity campaign for your art opening does not mean that you will have to spend a significant amount of money. You can make best out of this effort by mixing old advertising methods with new promotion techniques. Trust me; couple of simple but effective tips can help you in promoting your art show.


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    Know your target audience:

    The most important thing is to identify your target audience as you will launch a promotional campaign by keeping your potential customers in mind. You must understand that not every marketing technique is ideal for every location. Try to find out what is the tendency of your audience and then plan an advertising campaign.

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    Know your budget:

    Next thing you will do is to determine how much you can spend on this promotional campaign. This will help you to find out which advertising technique should be opted.

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    Hire a promoter:

    If you can afford then hiring a promoter can be a relief as these promoters take responsibility of everything and all you need to do is to supervise and guide the advertising team. However, you must know your budget before going for this method.

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    Find some sponsors:

    You should approach other businesses and ask them to join hands in this promotional campaign. Mostly, beverage distributors, food chains, restaurants etc agree if you entice them by giving some business.

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    Advertise your event in local newspaper:

    Another cheap but effective technique to promote your art opening is to advertise your event in local newspaper. You can send a press release or simply just buy some space for your ad.

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    Make calendars, post cards, flyers etc:

    You can notify the people by distributing calendars, post cards and flyers. Make sure that these calendars and post cards have some samples of your art work. This can be little expensive but this effort will definitely pay off.

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    Advertise Online:

    Internet has become an instant, authentic and economical source of information so you should not ignore this technique. Submit your art show to different video sharing and social networking websites. You may invite the global bloggers to your exhibition.

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