Lafayette Area Peace Coalition Organizes an Art Exhibition

Lafayette Area Peace Coalition (LAPC) is a non-profit organization established to promote peace and justice. It is a small organization whose activities are mainly focused in the Greater Lafayette area, which includes West Lafayette and Lafayette. LAPC works closely with local student community of Purdue University, some members of the organization are Purdue professors and students.

A member of Indiana Peace and Justice Network, Lafayette Area Peace Coalition runs on donations, as the organization does not charge membership dues and does not have any formal process of inducting new members. It has a news group in Yahoo, which send messages on upcoming meeting and events. Members subscribed to the list come and join the meeting or take part in the event based on the message. So the organization not very structured, more or less like a book club in your local church.

If you are interested in joining the group or would like to learn more, you can subscribe to the mailing list. For that visit: Or you can join the monthly meeting held first Sunday of the month at the Wesley Foundation, 435 W. State Street, West Lafayette at 7:30 p.m.

Lafayette Area Peace Coalition is organizing the Imagine: Hope, Peace, and Justice Exhibition in downtown Lafayette, along with the professional artists from Tippecanoe county and surrounding area. Venue for the exhibition is the West Gallery of the Tippecanoe Arts Federation, Wells Community Cultural Center, 6th and North Streets, Lafayette. The exhibition will run from September 22 to October 22.

Artists participating at the exhibition are: Dave Alm, Lorie Amick, Nancy Bergquist, Kathryn Clark, Phoebe Farris, William T. Fuller, Mahera Khaleqe, Jessica Klumpp-Held, LuAnn Lamie, Gloriana Laskowski, Louie Laskowski, Linda LeMar, Darlene Mitchell, Elizabeth Petrasovic, Kathleen Peyton, Buffy Rogers, Joanne Kuhn Titolo, and Linda Vanderkolk. Wafaa Bilal, an Iraqi artist who is now based in Chicago will contribute one piece. Bilal who was interviewed by a local magazine last year is a know name among the Greater Lafayette residents.

The exhibition will be held in two parts, first there will be showcasing their creations and the visitors will be able to provide comments are feedback. Then there will be cultural events, starting in October. The Lafayette Area Peace Coalition hopes that the event will be able to bring the community closer and start a dialogue on hope, peace and justice.

If you would like to view the Imagine: Hope, Peace and Justice Exhibition flyer, please visit:

The Lafayette Area Peace Coalition can be reached at:

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