How to Build a Webkinz Collection

Webkinz are stuffed animal toys for children, all of which are different from each other. Each Webkinz has an online counterpart in ‘Webkinz World’. A world famous toy company, Ganz, originally launched Webkinz in Canada.

Each Webkinz has a unique ID associated with it. This code is kept a secret, and is used only by the owner in order to get a virtual version of his/her pet in the Webkinz World. Starting a Webkinz collection can be an expensive hobby because rare Webkinz cost a lot more than the easily available ones. Therefore, you have to make sure you save up for it.

Things Required:

– Internet connection
– PC


  • 1

    Determine the type of Webkinz collection you want to start. Normal pets, wild animals, mythical creatures and completely made up creatures are some of the Webkinz kinds released in the market. Be clear in your mind if it is only one Webkinz kind you want to collect or Webkinz of numerous different kinds. Furthermore, if your budget is limited, consider buying Webkinz without the secret code used for online access because such Webkinz are less expensive than the normal ones.

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    Go to the official Webkinz website in order to search for nearby stores which sell Webkinz. This will give you a place to start looking for all the Webkinz that are up for sale in different stores.

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    A number of Webkinz auctions are held on the internet every day. If there are some specific Webkinz, which you cannot find at a local store, consider searching on the internet. However, remember that a number of scams take place online. Make sure that you buy Webkinz only from reliable websites. Furthermore, it would be a good idea to know the price of the Webkinz you are planning to buy before placing an order online. This way, your chances of being ripped off will be considerably lower.

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    If you are one of those Webkinz fans who collect only secret Webkinz codes, Ganz Estore is the ideal place for you. However, if you plan on discarding the actual pets and only keeping a record of the secret codes, it would be a good idea to donate Webkinz to a charity after removing their tags.

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